i love it when the tomato plant in the kitchen gets watered...it's the smell of moist, warm living earth. have you noticed how things smell better when they're wet or warm? a bowl of fruit, the lawn, even wooden furniture. it's a secret magic, but my favorite example of this phenomenon is wet, warm earth.

it smells rich, full of life. even when it's cold and gray out, knowing that winter sunlight through glass can still warm freshly watered soil is a comfort...that little bit of summer smell, promising that the year will turn and life will keep on living.

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  1. wow! you make the smell of wet dirt sound so INTOXICATING! i love it!

    this isn't really related, but our bank courier wears a perfume that smells like DIRT. it drives me CRAZY. i cannot stand it. she smells dirty! dusty! ugh! leave that scent in the garden!