things really came to a head yesterday.

the nights are getting colder, and even though i've been sleeping in a woolly sock (yes of course it's clean) it still gets a bit nippy.

and outside? one time? i saw a bee curled up all frozen in a flower because it had gotten too cold to fly and it had just died there. sometimes i worry that could happen to me.

so when i went to get a drink of water from the condensation on the window, and it was all frozen at the edges, i decided enough was enough.

it took me all day, but i found a matchbox and brought it back to my sock. then i knocked a tealight off the mantlepiece display, and rolled it all the way back too. i've been putting this off because it's so hard to get up to the mantlepiece; you have to climb this textured wall weave, it takes ages.

but it was worth it! this evening i wielded a match with some (if i may say it myself) dexterity, and am now sitting cozy 'round the fire. i know i will sleep well tonight; hard work and a warm bed are a potent combination.


  1. I always wondered about the term "came to a head" but candles are nice if I may say so . . .

    1. If that phrase doesn't speak to you, you're just not one of Nature's squeezers. I, on the other hand, gotta pop 'em even if they don't have a head on 'em.