i found a new place, and i am just so excited! it's perfect.

i was living behind the decorative crenelations on the kitchen hutch before, and yeah the view was great, but it was a really inconvenient location. the commute was really rough, and there was this asshole mouse living beneath it that smelled bad and was really aggressive. it was getting to be kind of a rough neighborhood.

but a bunch of paperbacks were cleared out of the living room bookshelf yesterday, and now there's this big shiny new set of encyclopedias on the bottom shelf. they must be a subject of some pride, because when they got shelved, they were front-lined...that is to say, lined up at the front of the bookcase, not just pushed into the shelf until they touched the wall behind them. which means there's this perfect little space behind them, right by the outlet-access hole, aka my new front door. and the best part? these are encyclopedias. they're never going to get touched again.

like i said, perfect.

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