you may have had occasion to wonder about my work as a tiny observer.

as well you might...

as a physical function of rhetorical phrasing, t.o.s are there to fill the space assigned to such phrases as "get a load of this guy." load-getting is a reasonably easy case, much less time consuming than a "i worked and i slaved, and where did it get me?" project. the history-building for such a contract is made even more difficult by the open-ended phrasing, which prohibits any sort of time parameters with which to work in.

my current contract is with an older woman named nadine, who who needs a lot "look at the state of _______" work done. it is not very onerous, but the frequency of the phrasing means i'm on-call most of the day. the physical hazards are not very great, as she has joint pain and her movements are quite limited. she needs regular "can you believe it" work done at the post office, however, as she's involved in some sort of long-term grudge match with the staff there.

but no matter what she's facing, i'm right there with her. usually on her her shoulder, peering around her ear.

it is vital work, actualizing the linguistic forms of people; in creating an invitational space through phrasing in language, anything could be called into being. a tiny observer both validates the client, and by being there precludes the need for ravening creatures from outside reality to manifest in the mundane world. it's good to do something you can feel proud of at the end of the day.

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