the house knows it's spring. the herbs by the kitchen window have new young leaves, blushing a fresher green than their stolid surrounding predecessors. the hanging plant sends its tendrils straining through empty space towards the window. even the garlic bulbs in their little disposable net bag somehow feel the call - rise, sprout and live again. somewhere, outside your bag, outside this kitchen, beyond roof and these four walls, spring is here. it is time for all good growing things to become green, to strive and follow the light up into the sky.

unlooked for, unbidden, the magic of spring calls back the life of a tasty garnish.

while the folk-memories of fertility bring euphemistic eggs and representational rabbits to the fore, i will see the soul of spring in a garlic bulb, and think of what this season truly is about - the imperative to live, and grow.

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