warm sunshine, baby birds and fluffy white clouds have lifted me out of the mire...i am no longer looking down to the slush and the murk, but to the sky and its promise of spring. i look up more than most of the humans i've worked with; and yet, there are so many things out there specifically to help you humans do so.

i envy you your stylish sunglasses, your great statures as a vantage point, your binoculars; binoculars would be very helpful in my line of work, if only they were a manageable size! but alas, tiny observers must always try to see through other's eyes...and sometimes peer through their specs. if these can be rose-colored glasses, all the better.

but regardless of method, i'm feeling optimistic that things are looking up - even more than i usually do - and although it may only be ceiling tile, what i see up there is roseate.

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