it's a savage time of year, dear readers, that's no lie...there's a limit to the endurance of every spirit, and the end of a bleak winter will try even the most patient of souls.

warmth and life are a faded memory, and the palette of grays that nature has chose besmear the world with doesn't help. gray skies, gray clouds; gray dirty old snow.

all is slush.

and then the cold & flu season comes to reap its terrible harvest of used tissues and expended sick days.

i tell you, dear readers, pro is a little burnt out. apologies for the gap in our communications, i daresay i have been letting this great big world get on top of me these past 2 weeks...something you cannot afford to do when you are only an inch high. i was spending some time being sick in bed sock, and i found myself shivering, but too weak and lethargic to even light my candle. after all that effort! honestly.

we have to be careful, don't we, to not let ourselves be snuffed out - to rekindle our own flame, and not allow the ill winds of fate to blow it out.

may your fires burn until the very last - all the way down.

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